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ENGenious Issue 16


Marionne Epalle
Trity Pourbahrami

Visual Designer

Vicki Chiu

Contributing Writers

Vicki Chiu
Marionne Epalle
Robyn Javier

Special Thanks

Leona Kershaw
Katarina Liu
Kim Munoz
Robert Perkins
Briana Ticehurst
Carolyn Waldron



Image Credits

Cover illustration: Vicki Chiu; Lance Hayashida (pressure sensor)
p. 1: Courtesy of Alireza Marandi; Vicki Chiu; Alex Phillips (DC policy trip)
p. 2: Stevan Nadj-Perge
p. 3: Lance Hayashida
p. 4: Courtesy of Caltech
p. 5: Vicki Chiu
p. 6: Tom Bonner (lab); Lance Hayashida (Bouman)
p. 7: Ian Brownstein (wind turbine); Alan Vidali (Dabiri)
p. 8: Lance Hayashida
p. 9: Vicki Chiu
p. 11: Alireza Marandi
pp. 12-13: Vicki Chiu
p. 14: Robyn Javier
p. 18-19: Courtesy of Amnon Yariv
p. 21: Vicki Chiu
p. 22: Alex Phillips (Rise); Courtesy of the Caltech Y
p. 23: Greg Fletcher
Inside back cover: Vicki Chiu

The Caltech Division of Engineering and Applied Science consists of seven departments and supports close to 90 faculty who are working at the leading edges of fundamental science to invent the technologies of the future.