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ENGenious Issue 14


Trity Pourbahrami

Visual Designer

Vicki Chiu

Contributing Writers

Eric Mankin
Jamie Meighen-Sei

Copy Editor

Sara Arnold


Leona Kershaw

Special Thanks

Whitney Clavin
Neil Fromer
Robert Perkins
Briana Ticehurst
Katarina Yang



Image Credits

Cover illustration: Vicki Chiu; Shutterstock (aurielaki, Adazhiy Dmytro, denisik11, elenabsl, Georgii Red, Golden Sikorka, Grimgram, Zern Liew, ksaverius, Macrovector, Oleh Markov, robuart, tele52, Vikpit)
p. 2: (top) Vicki Chiu; (middle, bottom) Briana Ticehurst
p. 3: Lance Hayashida
p. 4: (left) Trity Pourbahrami; (right) Tom Bonner, coarchitects.com
p. 5: (top) Courtesy of Ed Zschau; (bottom) Vicki Chiu
p. 6: Courtesy of Anima Anandkumar; Courtesy of Wei Gao
p. 7: Courtesy of Basile Audoly; Courtesy of Vahid Tarokh
pp. 8–10: Briana Ticehurst
p. 11: Google Earth
p. 14: Li Lin, Peng Hu, and Lihong V. Wang
pp. 16, 18: Vicki Chiu
p. 17: Courtesy of Yu-Chong Tai
p. 19: Chan et. al., Gradinaru Lab
p. 21: Vicki Chiu
p. 24: Courtesy of Richard Muller
p. 26: Dick White and staff of Berkeley Micro-laboratory
pp. 27–28, 31: Vicki Chiu
Inside back cover: Image courtesy of CO Architects

Video Credits

Caltech Academic Media Technologies

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