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ENGenious Issue 15


Trity Pourbahrami

Visual Designer

Vicki Chiu

Contributing Writers

Panthea Heydari
Jamie Meighen-Sei


Leona Kershaw

Special Thanks

Sara Arnold
Robert Perkins
Briana Ticehurst
Carolyn Waldron
Katarina Yang



Image Credits

Cover illustration: Vicki Chiu; (flying ambulance renderings) Xichen Shi
p. 3: Lance Hayashida
p. 4: (All-Female Team) Vicki Chiu; (Her Path) Briana Ticehurst
p. 5: (AI4Science) Anqi Liu; (McKeon) Vicki Chiu
p. 6: (Marandi) Vicki Chiu; (Ising machine) Nicolle R. Fuller
p. 7: Images courtesy of faculty featured
pp. 8-9: Vicki Chiu
p. 12: Vicki Chiu
pp. 14-15: Vicki Chiu
p. 17: (Fan-array closeup) Manuel Bedrossian; (inset) Courtesy of Soon-Jo Chung Lab
p. 19: Courtesy of Jet Propulsion Laboratory
p. 20, 21: Courtesy of Jennifer Dionne
p. 22: Illustration by Rustam Hasanov for The Caltech Effect
p. 23: Trity Pourbahrami
p. 25: Trity Pourbahrami
p. 26: Courtesy of Lindblad Group
p. 27: Vicki Chiu
p. 28: Chris Flynn Photography
Inside back cover: Chris Flynn Photography for Caltech Development and Institute Relations
Inside back cover: Image courtesy of CO Architects

Video Credits

Caltech Academic Media Technologies

The Caltech Division of Engineering and Applied Science consists of seven departments and supports close to 90 faculty who are working at the leading edges of fundamental science to invent the technologies of the future.