Knauss 85th

Symposium on Contemporary Research in Mechanics of Materials and Structures in Celebration of the 85th Birthday of Wolfgang Knauss

December 21, 2018

On the occasion of the 85th birthday of Wolfgang Knauss we had a celebratory event at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. There was a day-long scientific symposium and a gathering of his scientific trainees/visiting scientists/intellectual progeny. His family, colleagues and friends were also included.

  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th
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  • Knauss 85th
  • Knauss 85th



Location: 133 Guggenheim, Lees-Kubota Lecture Hall

Time Speaker
7:30-8:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast
Guggenheim Laboratory Foyer
8:20-8:30 Welcoming Remarks
Guruswami (Ravi) Ravichandran, Caltech
Session I Chair: Stelios Kyriakides
University of Texas at Austin
8:35-9:00 Ioannis Chasiotis, University of Illinois
Energy Dissipation in Mammalian Collagen Nanofibrils
9:00-9:25 Igor Emri, University of Ljubljana, and Bernd von Bernstorff, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
A breakthrough in Vibration and Sound Isolation - How to Make a (Red) VW Bug the Most Silent Limousine in the World
9:25-9:50 K. Ravi-Chandar, University of Texas at Austin
Cavitation, Fracture and Hhealing in Elastomers
9:50-10:15 Cate Brinson, Duke University
The Nanocomposite Materials Genome
10:15-10:40 Coffee Break
Guggenheim Laboratory Lobby
10:40-10:55 Group Picture
Firestone Laboratory
Session II Chairs: Bernd von Bernstorff, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Bernd Wetzel, Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH, Kaiserslautern, German
11:10-11:25 Kenneth Liechti, University of Texas at Austin
Full Circle: Determining Normal and Shear Interactions at Any Mode-Mix
11:25-11:50 Wei Tong, Southern Methodist University
On Some Critical Issues Related to the Experimental Characterization and Constitutive Modeling of Sheet Metal Anisotropic Plasticity
11:50-12:15 John Lambros, University of Illinois
Internal Deformation Measurements Using Xray Tomography and Digital Volume Correlation
12:30-1:45 Lunch
The Athenaeum
Session III Chair: Alfons Noe, Fachhochschule South Westfalia (FH-SWF)
2:00-2:25 Philippe Geubelle, University of Illinois
A Faster, Greener Way to Make Composite Materials Using Frontal Polymerization
2:25-2:50 K.-S. Kim, Brown University
Critical Curvature Localization in Graphene: Flexoelectric Bifurcation
2:50-3:15 Hongbing Lu, University of Texas at Dallas
Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheet Wrapped Carbon Fiber Composites
3:15-3:40 Weinong Chen, Purdue University
High-speed X-ray Visualization of Dynamic Damage Evolution Inside Materials in Real Time
3:40-4:00 Coffee Break
Guggenheim Laboratory Lobby
Session IV Chairs: Sandeep Sane, Intel Corporation
Alan Zhong, Halliburton
4:00-4:25 Tony Waas, University of Michigan
The Role of Nanoparticles in Increasing the Toughness of Laminated Composite Structures
4:25-4:50 Narasimhan Ramarathinam, Indian Institute of Science
Tensile Deformation Response of Notched Metallic Glass Specimens
4:50-5:15 Richard Hall, Wright Patterson Air Force Base
A Model for Time-dependent Damage With Oxidation in Ceramic Matrix Composites
5:15-5:30 Wolfgang Knauss, Caltech
Concluding Remarks
6:00 85th Birthday Celebration for Professor Wolfgang Knauss
Gates-Thomas 235