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Ask a Caltech Expert: Machine Learning for Conservation


As part of Conversations on Artificial Intelligence, a webinar series hosted by the Caltech Science Exchange, two artificial intelligence (AI) researchers—Pietro Perona and Suzanne Stathatos—discussed AI’s potential as a powerful tool for wildlife conservation and biodiversity research.

Perona is the Allen E. Puckett Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech, and Stathatos is a graduate student who was a software engineer at Amazon and JPL, which Caltech manages for NASA, before coming to Caltech.

In conversation with Caltech science writer Robert Perkins, the engineers describe AI applications for identifying and tracking wildlife that offer fresh insights to biologists and other individuals interested in the environment. [Caltech story]

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Paul Wennberg Discusses How Gas Stoves Affect Health and Indoor Air Quality


In recent months, debate has swirled around gas stoves and their relationship to health conditions such as childhood asthma. Paul Wennberg speaks with the Caltech Science Exchange about indoor air pollutants and what people can do to limit their exposure. Wennberg is Caltech's R. Stanton Avery Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering; Executive Officer for Environmental Science and Engineering; Director, Ronald and Maxine Linde Center for Global Environmental Science. [Caltech Science Exchange story]

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