Dan Meiron

Dan Meiron

Fletcher Jones Professor of Aeronautics and Applied and Computational Mathematics

Degrees and Appointments

S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976; Sc.D., 1981. Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics, Caltech, 1981-83; Visiting Associate, 1984-85; Assistant Professor, 1985-89; Associate Professor, 1989-94; Professor, 1994-2000; Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 2000; Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Computer Science, 2001-06; Jones Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Computer Science, 2006-09. Jones Professor, 2009-;Executive Officer for Applied Mathematics, 1994-98; Associate Provost for Information and Information Technology, 2000-04. Associate Director, 2009-12.


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Liza Bradulina
365 Guggenheim Lab

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Research Overview

Professor Meiron's research focuses on computation and modelling of basic fluid mechanical phenomena. Particular interests include shock driven flow instabilities, turbulence, simulation approaches for high strain rate solid mechanics. He is also interested on development of adaptive numeriocal methods for such flows that are suitable for high performance computation.

List of Research Areas

fluid mechanics, compressible flow, turbulence, adaptive mesh refinement

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