Nadia Lapusta

Nadia Lapusta

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics

Degrees and Appointments

Dipl., Kiev State University, 1994; M.S., Harvard University, 1996; Ph.D., 2001. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Caltech, 2002-03; Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics, 2003-08; Associate Professor, 2008-10; Professor, 2010-.


Research Group Matters
Carolina Oseguera
362 Gates-Thomas Laboratory

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Research Overview

Professor Lapusta studies friction and fracture phenomena on both fundamental and practical levels.  Her work focuses on analytical and numerical modeling that incorporates and explains experimental findings. She has a special interest in mechanics and physics of earthquakes and aseismic slip, where frictional faulting and cracking are key ingredients.

List of Research Areas

Fracture and frictional processes, computational mechanics, physics of earthquakes

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