Keith C. Schwab

Keith C. Schwab

Professor of Applied Physics

Degrees and Appointments

B.A., University of Chicago, 1990; Ph.D., University of California, 1996. Associate Professor, Caltech, 2009-10; Professor, 2010-; Fletcher Jones Foundation Co-Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute, 2013-15.


Research Group Matters
Cecilia Gamboa
224 Watson Laboratory

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Research Overview

Professor Schwab's current focus is the development of Josephson junctions for superfluid helium-4 with the goal to build quantum devices such as interferometers and quantum bits from this material.  What makes this now possible are the advances in 2d nanometerials with nanometer pores.

List of Research Areas

quantum-limited measurements, ultra-low temperature physics, superfluid physics, quantum devices and technology, nanotechnology, ultra-sensitive microwave measurement

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